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Our Team

Craig Laubscher

Craig Laubscher

Managing Director

Craig has over 30 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, delivering at the highest levels. His roles have encompassed Development Management, Project Management, Design Management, Quantity Surveying, Client Liaison and Representation. Craig has the reputation as someone who will go the extra mile to deliver the quality desired. The concept of Uniq was borne out of trying to establish a process to achieve levels of quality for all types of projects, therefore allowing each concept to shine.


Catherine Laubscher

Catherine Laubscher

Operations Director

Catherine works to ensure the experience the Client receives from Uniq is memorable and the journey helps to deliver an exceptional project. The company engages with the client team to assist on different elements of the project, no matter how small, providing recommendations of suppliers from door handles to cushions, artwork to insurance. By providing an all-encompassing service, Uniq fulfils its brand.


Chantal Kealy

Chantal Kealy

Office Manager and Executive Assistant to Craig Laubscher

Chantal co-ordinates and provides planning and follow-up assistance to our projects across all areas. Her keen eye for detail and strong relationships with all consultants and suppliers, enable Uniq to provide the leadership necessary for a successful project. As a supporting role to Craig Laubscher, Chantal can effectively manage the key elements with the Client team, while Craig is abroad, on site, or in specialist meetings. Chantal is well placed to assist with further queries in relation to the projects, with particular interest in the areas of Landscaping and Audio Visual technologies.


Jay Hodges

Jay joined our team from a London firm to work at a Senior level on the projects in France. He has experience of complex and ambitious projects in construction as well as commercial projects across the UK. He has also worked on re-furbishment projects in the high-end private sector as well as Hotels. Jay started in the industry as an apprentice and has learnt the trades and consultant area, including being responsible for project management teams across a portfolio of projects. His role at Uniq is to co-ordinate and drive the main consultant team to fulfil a signature project.


Marina Brenere

Marina first joined Uniq to assist on the Projects in 2013. She was inspired by the commercial and project management prospects of the work and furthered her education in Project Management through obtaining APM Qualifications and becoming a full member of the Association of Project Management. Her development in quality management, budgets and language skills became an asset to the company. However, she wanted to further her experience in the UK, working for Max Fordham and Kier Group. Marina also moved to Italy for a year where she completed her MBA in International Business in 2018. Marina re-joined our team in 2019 to manage the Commercial aspect of the projects abroad. She reviews all invoicing against the budget, analyses commercial risk, all tenders and tracks the commercial programme.